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To help you get started promoting “Winning Craps Money”, we’re providing some sales aids to make it very easy for you to promote.


First, let’s get an affiliate link for you…

IMPORTANT: You will need your own Clickbank ID. If you don’t have a Clickbank ID yet, it’s free and you can get yours here.

Go to Clickbank, and click on “Marketplace”

In the “Find Products” search box, type in: “winning craps money”, then click on the little magnifying glass icon.

Next, click on the green “Promote” button.

NOTE: The “Tracking ID” box is important ONLY if you’re doing multiple promotions for this product. If you are doing email promotions, type in “email #01”, “email #02”, “email #3” etc. Then if you are doing Article Marketing, type in AMforXXX (XXX being the name of the directory and/or the article) This will show you exactly where your traffic is coming from and where your marketing is most effective.You can just leave it blank if you prefer.


Next, type your “Clickbank ID” into the “Account Nickname” box, then click on the green “Create” button. You then receive a cloaked hoplink that you will use in all your links to “Winning Craps Money”. Your personal ID is embedded in that link so that you will receive full credit and commissions for each sale.

Here are some materials to help you with your sales campaigns:

You can “right click” or “control click” or “command click” on each of the images, then download them to your computer.


checkmark2 Banners:

1 WCM Block Banner 2 WCM Vert Banner


checkmark2Book Covers:

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eBook Without Background



Bonuses Book Covers:


The Three Poker Books: Photobucket

Las Vegas Guest Guide: Photobucket 2. LV,las vegas

Roulette Compilations: Photobucket


checkmark2Miscellaneous Graphics:

Dice: Dice sml

Guarantee: Guarantee



Email Marketing has lost a little of its luster. It can be effective if you have a receptive audience and your Subject Line is attractive, interesting, explosive, or controversial.

I’m NOT a fan of negative Subject Lines however (like: “Don’t Buy…” or “Scam….” etc.) But another form of this could be: “Warning…” or “Disaster…” followed up by positive warnings: “You’ll continue you lose at the Craps table if you don’t get “Winning Craps Money”.

Be creative and your messages will be read.

The Sales Page at “Winning Craps Money” is filled with dynamite! Go to the Sales Page HERE and copy the Headlines, Bolded Text, Highlighted Text, Colored Text etc. and use those in your emails.



Likewise, you should use those same points in your article marketing. Write a 500 word article about Craps, and submit it to Article Directories. At the bottom of each article you’ll find the “resource box” wherein you can put links to the “Winning Craps Money” Sales Page. Some directories will allow you to put a link or two within the body of the article also.

Write compelling copy of the benefits to WINNING at Craps, (bankroll, fun, bragging rights etc) Get the reader involved with the excitement of winning at Craps, and he will frantically whip out his credit card to get your suggested product.

Features of the product are good, but Benefits of the product are GREAT!

It’s fine to say that “Winning Craps Money” will show you how to win, but it’s better to say “Winning Craps Money ” will show you how to win MAKING YOU THE ENVY OF THE TABLE and making your Chip Stake and Bankroll Explode!

Features = How

Benefits = Why – and the WHY is always more exciting to your reader than the how.

Here are some leading Article Directories that you should use because they have the greatest page rankings AND YOU’LL GET BETTER RESULTS IN THE SEARCH ENGINES = MORE SALES FOR YOU.

(see the feature AND the Benefit?)<—–Always publish here! It’s THAT GOOD!


Here’s wishing you GREAT Selling and Success!

To Your Good Fortune,


Buzz B Berkeley

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