“Craps Nasties…”


There are certain people (I won’t call them players) at the


tables that know just enough of the rules to get themselves in trouble. These people aren’t necessarily the loud, obnoxious ones that can irritate us (there’s actually some value in those loud mouths), I’m referring to the people that don’t know or don’t use


etiquette… I call them the Craps Nasties!

There are obvious no-nos or “don’ts” that can cause everything from anger to an uproar at the tables. There are some that are not so obvious… I’ll discuss a few here.

My first “Craps Nasty” is the “Late Bettor”. This guy waits until the shooter has the dice in hand (or worse yet is setting his dice or even starting his toss) and THEN throws some chips on the table with verbal instructions on where the chips are to be placed.

Superstitious bettors often believe this will bring the Seven! That’s not true! But it will slow down the game, and that can throw players off. The shooter loses his rhythm, and the bettors consider this an interruption of the flow of the game.

Another nasty move is to “buy in” during a hand… especially if the shooter is a control shooter (one who carefully sets the dice and tosses them in a specific manner, speed and arch to increase his chances of getting a desired result). This “nasty person” should wait and “buy in” between hands.

If he must get in on the action, he should learn to place only the amount of money or chips for that next roll.

The next “Craps Nasty” person I want to mention is the guy who calls for or simply mentions the Seven.

Contrary to what many players believe, this will NOT bring out the Seven! However, it will make everyone else at the table very angry. So, why does this “Nasty” do it? He may be a Wrong Bettor (but my players would NEVER do this!) or he might have placed a bet on the “Seven”. Yelling out “Seven” is really bad manners. At the most, he’ll get verbally or physically attacked.. at the best, it will drive the other players away to a different table.

Here’s a “Nasty” you’d never expect: The Nasty Dealer!

So rare, this is almost non-existent… the dealer who passes the dice to the shooter with the Seven showing!

Obviously to you and I, this doesn’t bring on a Seven… but some players and many shooters will flip out if that were to happen. The shooter might refuse the dice until the dealer flips them… the players might take down their bets if the shooter doesn’t object to the dealer (and force him to flip the dice).

There are many more ”


Nasties” to list… but that’s for another time.

Let me leave you with this truth;

Picking your nose will cause the Seven to show as much as anything above or anything else you can think of. The truth of the matter is this:

the Seven will show (land face-up after a toss) about 17% of the time! Regardless of what You do, regardless of what the shooter does, regardless of what the dealers do, and regardless of what anyone at the table (or in China) does… the Seven will show about 17% of the time. It’s up to you to believe in the math or not!

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