“Don’t Buying”



Don’t Buying”

Being a savvy “Wrong Bettor” (having studied my book “Winning Craps Money”), you realize the advantages of the “Don’t Come” bets and the laying of odds. I am however, often surprised at the number of “Wrong Bettors” who understand the fact that it’s the best way to win consistently at


… but don’t understand the full and complete strategies for leveraging and improving their bets.

These poor (and I mean “poor”) souls are so close to the secrets that you and I know, yet they don’t know how to win consistently because of poor or incomplete play.

This leads me to a favorite play that opens up when you and I are lucky enough to be playing on a


table with one of these “uninformed” players. It doesn’t take long to spot them either.

They will take down their “don’t come” bets when they land on the Six or Eight. Shameful, but true! What are they afraid of? They are a favorite to win their bets. And the payoffs on the six and the eight (when using the correct strategies) are identical to the other 4 numbers that they prefer. So why or why do they take them down?

When that happens, you and I jump on it!

We “buy” the bet from the “don’t player” and actually cash in on his ignorance and our knowledge.

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