How to Win at Craps – In 4 Steps!


How to Win at Craps – In 4 Steps!


You are here at “How to Win at Craps” presumably because you have either an interest in playing Craps, or are searching for a strategy or set of strategies for making money in the casinos

You want to know how to win at craps! I applaud you for this. Gambling in general seems to have a bad connotation these days. If you were to Google “gambling”, chances are that you’ll get news about people with gambling problems that have embezzled, robbed, or committed suicide because of their gambling problem. There are hardly any “good news” articles written about gambling. Therefore, it has the bad rap.

I believe however, that virtually every single decision we make is a gamble. EVERY decision! Not simply the obvious gambles: stocks, bonds, and commodities like gold, silver, oil and sugar but less obvious gambles like Insurance. Further, your choice of spouse was a gamble wasn’t it? And that package of meat at the grocery store was a gamble. Your decision to cross the street, turn on the blender, drink coffee, eat cake, take your medicine, drive your car or walk… EVERY decision you make all day long is a gamble.

The sooner we all realize that, the sooner the laws “that protect us from ourselves” will be changed or eliminated. Now, I didn’t want to get off subject or start a rant, I simply want you to be armed when this inevitable argument against gambling is thrown in your face!


Now I hope that helps you solve the gambling “problem”. After you’ve satisfied yourself (and your family and friends that gambling is NOT an evil thing, but a great form of entertainment with a very positive potential outcome, you’re faced with a whole new question…


What game to play? The moment you enter a casino, you’re bombarded with choices, lights, noises, and activities. Your senses are blasted into awareness! I suggest you exercise your greatest, concentrated efforts and skip it all and head directly to the Best game in the casino… The answer to that question is the subject of this article… it is of course: Craps! And…


How to Win at Craps!


Although there have been thousands and thousands of articles, press releases, stories and websites written for and about thousands of systems and strategies for beating craps, in the end, if you want to know how to win at craps, it all must boil down to this one, inevitable, indisputable fact: The House Has the Advantage! If you want to learn how to win at craps, you must understand this fact, deal with it, and forget it.


This simply means that in Craps as well as every other game offered to you in the casinos, you will lose all your money if you play long enough. The games you find in any casino are weighted against you, the player.

However, some games are weighted more than others. Therefore, the best chance you have at coming out of the casino a winner… is to a) find a game with odds that are low against the player, and b) lower those odds even further by correct play.


Since this article is about Craps and how to win at craps, you’ve already realized “point A”. Craps CAN have the LOWEST odds in the casino! Understand two points here: CAN means it’s not automatic, and LOWEST means closest to an even game as you can find in the whole casino!


IF you know what you’re doing, and follow certain, correct guidelines (make that – Rules), you can get the odds against you down to LESS THAN 1%. You’re well on your way to learning how to win at craps!


Less than 1% odds against you is unheard of… anywhere else in the casinos… on any other game in the casinos.


So, how do you do it? How to Win at Craps is not nearly as complicated as the game itself!


How to Win at Craps Step One: First, you must eliminate all the “sucker bets”. Don’t bet your money on any of the “popular” bets that the dealers are touting. Instead, concentrate (and bet) ONLY on the betting propositions that offer you the best odds.


How to Win at Craps Step Two: Second, take full advantage of the odds that the casino and the table are offering.


How to Win at Craps Step Three: Third, create (and stick-to) goals that are set in stone for each session and for your bankroll and/or time allotted for each session and for your betting bankroll. This bankroll by the way, is money that you have set aside for the sole purpose of gambling. It is NOT money that you need. It is NOT the rent money. It is money that you could lose and not even care! OK, you’d care, but it would not alter your life one little bit if it were to burn up in a fire, or get lost somehow. The reason for this is very scientific and certifiable… “Scared Money Never Wins” It’s absolutely true! If you are betting the rent money, you make poor decisions. You bet less and thereby alter your odds or payoffs. You cut out certain advantageous bets. You set yourself up to “win small and lose big”. This is a common trap that you do not want to create for yourself. That is definitely NOT how to win at craps!


How to Win at Craps Step Four: Fourth, learn and implement ONLY the bets that pay correct odds and then adjust them to eliminate the house advantage. And yes, I said eliminate… because there are bets on the craps table that are even-up – that means there are bets with NO advantage to the house. This IS how to win at craps!



How to Win at Craps

? Learn and Follow Craps Best Strategy as explained in my book: “Winning Craps Money”


Those four steps and more are covered in great detail in the book. Professional craps players understand the importance of odds and how they apply to every bet! The average craps player has no clue. The average craps player gets caught up in the action, the excitement, and the noise as well as the camaraderie on the table and loses focus and sight of his goals. This is assuming of course that the average craps player has something to focus on, and has goals… both of which are questionable. In short, the average craps player has no idea how to win at craps.


So, How to Win at Craps as explained in the book is much more that numbers and odds. It’s also where to play, when to play, how much to play… and the “why” to all those questions.


With “Winning Craps Money” you are way out ahead of 99% of the players at your craps table. You WILL know exactly How to Win at Craps! A skill you will use for the rest of your life. A knowledge that will bring you consistent wins at the craps table. Want proof? Play the way that’s taught in the book, and watch the envy on their faces. Watch as they begin to copy your plays. Smile as they follow your every move (it won’t alter your winnings one bit). Because, they’ve all witnessed the fact that while they are losing their bets, you’ve been raking in the chips! And they want to win too!

How to Win at Craps

But, only you have the secrets on How to Win at Craps!

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