“Oddsman Betting”


“Craps: Oddsman Betting”

Being a savvy “Wrong Bettor” (having studied my book “Winning


Money”), you realize the huge advantages of laying odds against the numbers. We know that the casino has NO edge over us on the odds bets… NONE! This is the ONLY bet in the casino that is even-up… you and I know to take advantage of this, and having read my book, you know HOW.

But, would you believe that there are “Wrong Bettor” wannabees in virtually every casino that don’t take full advantage of the odds? Many of them don’t take full odds against the numbers, and some of them take no odds at all! I know! Unbelievable isn’t it?

Here’s where you and I, the savvy


players come in and scoop up the profits that they’re leaving on the table (and don’t even realize it).

We place our money on the odds behind those players who are taking no odds or are not taking full odds. (Actually, the dealer will do this for you upon your instructions to him.) This is called
“Oddsman Betting”, and it’s a gift if you can find it. You’re going to be as surprised as I’ve been at the large number of these players that “short” themselves.

These poor (and I mean “poor”) souls are so close to the secrets that you and I know, yet don’t know how to win consistently at


because of poor or incomplete play.

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